Riot and Poet
A collaborative process of making
with Lauriane Heim

Blond hair, blue eyes – our head Jan Boelen always mistakes Lauriane for Marianne and Marianne for Lauriane. But it is not only about a similar physical appereance: According to Boelen, theyshare the same specific way of observation and analysis. Theyhave a similar temper and approach things in the same way.

What if we test this hypothesis in an experimental factory?

Within a defined space and specific time length, both will producean outcome, in either two- or three-dimensional space, always dependenton the analysis of the previous creation of the other.The production is happening only in this specific space which willbe shaped throughout the process.

1. Do not speak, material communication only
2. Work with the materials of the perimeter only
3. You are allowed to stop whenever you consider your action done
4. You can follow or not the action of the other